Is $30 a good tip for movers?

The most important thing to remember is that you are not required to tip moving companies. However, it's common, so it's a good idea to consider doing so. A tip is a compliment for a job well done. While it's not required, it's normal to tip service professionals in many roles.

Just like a waiter, barista, barber or stylist, a move can expect a tip after performing exceptional work. The standard for tipping carriers is between 5 and 10%. There is no solid rule for tipping your moving aides, but if you're tipping, it's best to give each crew member the same amount. If you only work with one person, give the total amount to the mover so they can share it evenly among the team.

Usually, many people tip their movers between five and ten percent. Every move is different and, as such, there are many factors at play when deciding how much to tip those who move. If you're moving across the street with a 2-person team that only takes a few hours, the tip amount must be less than someone moving a five-bedroom house across the country.

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