Moving House: How It Can Affect Your Relationship

Moving house can be a stressful experience for any couple, regardless of how long they have been together. Research has shown that the more times a couple moves together, the less likely they are to experience relationship problems. However, it is still possible for a move to cause tension and stress in a relationship. When it comes to moving house, there are many factors that can determine how stressful it is for a couple.

The destination and reasons for the move can play a role in how difficult it is to adjust. For example, moving from one neighborhood to another within the same city may not cause a significant change, while moving from one town to another could be more challenging. Reasons for moving can include career changes, unemployment, security, the need to start over, or the search for a better place to live. When couples move in together, there can be disagreements about what to bring and what to leave behind or donate.

It is important to take time to plan and prepare for the move and to communicate with your partner about the changes that will be taking place. This way, it becomes easier to adapt to the idea of moving to a new home. It is not uncommon for couples to experience some kind of relationship problems as a result of moving home. About 11% of people who move with a partner for the first time say that the move contributed to the end of their relationship.

One in ten couples break up after moving home, while three-quarters say they suffered some kind of relationship problems as a result of the move. The stress of a moving relationship can take all kinds of forms when a couple plans to move or after arriving somewhere new. When researchers asked 2000 people in the UK who had moved in the past three years about stressful life events, 61% rated the move as more stressful than anything else they had experienced, even more than divorce. If you're moving up, the combined expense of moving home plus additional monthly mortgage payments will put any household budget under some kind of stress. It is important for couples who are planning on moving house together to remember that communication is key.

Even if one partner is more excited about the move than the other, it is important to talk through any issues and come up with solutions together. This way, couples can ensure that their relationship remains strong throughout the process.

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