Do you tip movers before or after?

However, if this makes you feel uncomfortable, follow the general rule that you should tip moving companies after they have completed the job. Do not give the lump sum to the foreman or the driver. The general rule of thumb is to base the tip on a percentage of the total cost of moving, with 15-20% being the industry average. As a rule, you are not obliged to tip the moving company.

People who move should arrive on time, treat their things as if they were their own, and get organized. They should be courteous, follow your requests and answer any questions that arise about the move. Moving companies must also be responsible for their effort and cannot assume that they are going to receive a certain amount just because it is expected. And, if your moving agents at You Move Me provide excellent service, the best possible compliment you can give is a recommendation to your friends and family.

But even if you're lucky enough to have hired such a hard-working team, it won't hurt to encourage your moving agents to do everything possible by informing them beforehand that in the end they will be waiting for good advice as long as they do their job as they are supposed to. In this situation, it may make sense to tip movers a fixed amount to each different team handling their items, rather than waiting to tip only the final team. Since some moves may require more work, use your best judgment when deciding how much to tip the moving companies that are included in these additional services. Tipping moving companies largely depends on the work process, working time and the place where the work is implemented.

Tipping each moving company individually will ensure that your money reaches its intended recipient immediately after completing the job. An additional tip is a great way to let your moving company know that their efforts didn't go unnoticed. Evaluate the overall service: A tip is a token of appreciation, and the moving company should, in essence, have earned your additional payment. While you won't know until your move is underway how caring and careful your moving agents are, it's a good idea to set aside money in advance to be prepared for a job that deserves some recognition.

The ideal way to tip carriers is to give each move its own tip after relocation. Keep in mind that the fact that the intensity level of the industry is higher than that of most, does not always determine how much to tip those who move.

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